Our Mission
We are a foster-based canine rescue. We pledge to rescue, restore and rehome dogs in need, regardless of age or breed.

Who We Are
For Paws Sake Canine Rescue is an organization dedicated to rescuing dogs that are homeless for any reason. We will work to prevent the euthanasia of healthy dogs by saving dogs from shelters, those given up by their owners, those in danger of abuse or neglect and strays. FPS will assist dogs in distress regardless of breed or age, to the extent our finances allow.

Canines in our care will be spayed or neutered and receive all appropriate vaccinations, veterinary care and treatment.

For Paws Sake Canine Rescue will maintain a positive working environment where our respect, kindness and caring extends to people as well as animals, both within and outside the organization. We will work with other shelters, rescues and humane societies to help create a network of people working together to make the world a better place for homeless pets. We will work tirelessly to provide the conduit for homeless animals to become loved family members with a forever home of their own.

For Paws Sake Canine Rescue was formed out of the seemingly endless need for resources to help homeless pets.

It is with a primary focus on the dogs in need, that our group of founders came together. We are a foster based rescue at our formation. We have the long-term goal of adding a physical facility and multiple adoption locations.