Here are some heart warming, happy rescue stories. We will work tirelessly to provide the conduit for homeless
animals to become loved family members with a forever home of their own.

Meet Maple, a puppy mill survivor! She was a pregnant dog we found a foster for, and now she is living her well loved life!

This is Scarlett, a dachshund mother we found at a puppy mill in a devastating situation. We gave her love, gentleness and kindness, and now she is thriving and healthy in a safe, happy home!

Piper was found with her littermate and mom in a drainage pipe. They were rescued, and now Piper has a wonderful life with her new family!

Bonnie lived in a shelter on a damp concrete floor in a small space for over a year! But we found that she has a wonderful, forgiving spirit after we rescued her from the shelter. As you see, she is now adopted and has a great home!

Here’s Lewie, whom we rescued from a shelter and found a home for. Now he’s a big ole baby! 

Bennie was adopted by this adorable family! This is what they had prepared on his homecoming day!

Here’s a beautiful dachshund we rescued from a puppy mill. Now our little friend is camping (and napping!) in a fun, loving new life.


Meet Grimm, a true survivor, who has found a wonderful forever home. We found him as a stray, and was extremely thin and unhealthy. We loved him back to health, and now he has a family to love and care for him forever.

Meet Jon Jon, whom we helped free from life on a chain! Now he roams freely and stretches out those beautiful white fluffy legs with his new owner!

This is Jax, an FPS alum, with his new owner and best friend.

This is Freda, a puppy mill survivor, with her new dad!